You can find just about anything in New York City. Food, culture, couture–the Big Apple has it all. If you’re an animal lover who enjoys coffee, relaxation, and playing with kitties, the city has something for you, too.

Meow Parlour is New York’s first ever cat cafe, opened to give cat lover’s a place to come and spend time with their furry friends. Just like other cafes, Meow Parlour is a great place for a cup of coffee and some free wifi if you’re working remotely. The difference is, you get to play with kitties while doing so.

Cat cafes started in Asia, due to living quarters that weren’t conducive to pets and landlords who strictly forbade animals. These cafes became a haven for cat lovers who wanted the feel of cat ownership but couldn’t bring one home. So instead of spending time in a kennel or pet store, cat cafes give cat lovers a relaxing and comfortable “home-like” experience with their favorite pet. Plus, it’s an opportunity to play pet owner without having the responsibility.

Meow Parlour is perfect for a city like New York, being both kooky and kitschy while still feeling warm and welcoming. Since many locals aren’t allowed to have pets, the cat cafe concept fits in well. This is how it works:

Patrons are allowed to walk-in, but the shop asks that you make a reservation as it can fill up quickly. It costs $6 per every half-hour, and you can take as much time as you’d like (up to five hours) to spend with the cats. The parlour also offers activities, such as drag bingo and yoga. So if you’re a yoga enthusiast and cat lover, you will be in heaven, as the cats are part of the class.

What’s more, Meow Parlour offers adoption through their partner organization, Kitty Kind. Kitty Kind works with the shop to ensure that all its cats are well taken care of and given to good and loving families.

If you’re in New York and want a cat-filled experience, Meow Parlour is the place to be.