celebrate your strength and achievements

Many of us struggle to share our accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to celebrate your strength and achievements!

A lot of us struggle with sharing accomplishments about ourselves. Maybe you can relate. I never want to come across as boastful, arrogant and always try to be humble and modest. The reality is that people you work with will not take notice to the work that you perform because it’s not their responsibility to notice. We need to learn how to save, share and savor our accomplishments with those who need to hear them.

Happily, there are some steps you can take to recognizing your accomplishments, and not only recognizing them but being able to share them with others. Here are some ideas to help you get more comfortable with getting excited about sharing your accomplishments with others:

Keep a success folder where you store all your positive emails from clients and colleagues so that you can pull them up at random without having to search through all their emails. Having all of these little “wins” stored in one place will make it easy to access them when you need a boost of encouragement in the future. It also makes it easy to share them with your supervisor if you ever need to validate your hard work.

Set goals and key performance indicators for yourself each quarter (or other professional time marker). Think about client-related goals, company-focused goals and professional development goals. Setting goals will keep you focused. Similarly, set personal goals for yourself as often as you can and get excited about celebrating when you achieve them!

Keep a work journal where you can take time out of your day and reflect on things. It will help you track your progress and take time to appreciate the little milestones, along with the bigger ones. This is similar to the success folder, except it allows you to look internally at your own progress, separate from client feedback and appreciation.

Make it a team effort and make it a “we.” If your work was a team effort, explain how the team was able to accomplish the goal. Just make sure you don’t minimize the work you put into the goal. Get comfortable about giving yourself credit for a job well done by sharing with your friends and loved ones first.