The dictionary definition of "politically correct."

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Conservative pundits love to complain about “PC culture.” But you know what?

A politically correct society is a sign of a mature, well-mannered, respectful society that is working towards equality. And I don’t understand for the life of me why that’s a bad thing.

PC culture is a sign that times are changing. It’s a sign that racism, sexism, and all other “-isms” will no longer be tolerated. Because of PC culture, we now have a far more inclusive and diverse society than we’ve ever had before.

Just think about the impact that this will have on our children. They will grow up in a society that is both civil and open-minded. Again, how is that a bad thing?

It’s almost as if people who are against PC culture are nostalgic for the good ol’ days when white people could use the n-word, when men could sexually harass women, and when straight people could use derogatory terms like “faggot.”

And yes, people who have suffered this type of verbal abuse are often the ones advocating for PC culture. Forgive them for wanting to create a more loving, accepting, and just society for the future generations.

I don’t feel bad for people who feel censored by PC culture. I really don’t. PC culture has made it so that bigots can no longer get away with spewing their hate-filled rhetoric. That’s a huge win for people of color, the LGBT community, and women who feel threatened by this type of speech.

I’m not only proud, but honored to live in a politically correct society where people feel pressured to be kind and polite to one another. But here’s the real kicker: to consider whether or not your actions could be seen as offensive to others isn’t even a matter of political correctness, it’s a matter of common courtesy.