Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is coming under fire once more after the release of a new report on the Benghazi attacks from Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee.

According to the report, “White House officials failed to comprehend or ignored the dramatically deteriorating security situation in Libya and the growing threat to U.S. interests in the region.”

Four Americans were killed in the attack in Benghazi, which came down hard on Hillary Clinton’s head in 2012 despite the fact that she was not faulted in the official State Department review board report—which included a year of exhaustive investigation.

Hillary Clinton Benghazi

Hillary Clinton was resolute, determined, and controlled during Benghazi, says David Petraeus of KKR.
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Some believe that this new report only serves to politicize the event and serve as a roadblock should Clinton decide to run for President in 2016. The new report demands a special congressional investigation into the affair, claiming that Clinton “still refuses to tell the whole truth.”

But not all Republicans blame Clinton for the result of the Benghazi affair. David Petraeus, KKR’s latest high-profile hire, retired four-star general, former director of the CIA, and prominent Republican says that he thinks Clinton would “make a tremendous president,” citing her strong leadership qualities and response during crisis situations.

“Like a lot of great leaders, her most impressive qualities were most visible during tough times,” he said in a new book, HRC: State of Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes. “In the wake of the Benghazi attacks, for example, she was extraordinarily resolute, determined, and controlled.”

Additionally, Thomas Pickering, chair of the State Department’s inquiry into the matter says that, “We did look at her role. We thought that she conducted her meetings and activities responsibly and well.”

At fault or not, however, the Benghazi attacks look to be a thorn in the side of Clinton if she plans on running for President in 2016. Since the RNC’s official stance is that she was at fault during the attacks, it’s likely that she can only expect more of these questions and accusations in the coming years.