Food trucks are a mobile restaurant trend that is sweeping the nation. They provide a unique and tasty alternative to dine-in restaurants. Usually a food truck will pick a specific theme or dish to specialize in, reducing the number of items on the menu but increasing the quality of the foods served. Some trucks choose to go for classic foods while others will try a unique combination or fusion of foods.

Portland has some of the best street food according to Appétit magazine and CNN with over 500 trucks serving the city. Portland’s take on the street food setup is different than most other cities. In Portland, the trucks are arranged in pods set up in lots throughout the city so someone in search of a meal has a wide array of tasty options.

One of the biggest pods is set up close to Powell’s Books in the downtown Alder Pod. One of the most popular trucks here is called Nong’s and it serves Khao Man Gai, a simple yet delicious chicken and rice dish. One could also find delicious pork sandwiches at the People’s Pig Wood Fired Grill. Finally, the Flying Scotsman fries a classic fish and chips.

The Portland State University pod feeds the university district and the south end of downtown. Here one of the rotating favorites is Thrive, which serves up gluten free bowls with an ever-changing menu. Dosirak is one of the trucks in this area serving a classic Bento-style chicken teriyaki.

Finally, Cartopia pod is the location for one the most popular trucks in Portland for fried foods. Potato Champions is known for its poutine as well as unique combinations like PB&J fries. This cart is popular with the late night eaters.

There are so many food trucks in Portland, one could try eating at one per day and it would still take over a year and would involve a journey through numerous countries and a taste of a huge number of flavor combinations. As these trucks are mobile by nature, the variety at the various pods changes frequently. The best way to find a specific truck is to monitor them on social media, although going with your gut when you arrive at one of the many pods could be one of the best risks you take during your time in Portland.