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For some people, cooking meals at home can feel like a particularly daunting task. If cooking isn’t something you practice regularly, the combination of steps like chopping garlic and shallots, making sure a piece of meat is roasted fully, or seasoning dishes properly can make for a rather, ahem, unsavory experience.

Thanks to the creative minds behind I Tradizionali, a new line of recipe tattoos, cooking has been made instantly more fun, especially for those who could use a little extra culinary guidance. I Tradizionali is a collection of temporary tattoos that allow you to apply illustrated recipes right to your arm instead of consulting your phone or a cookbook. As Italian creators Marina Cinciripini and Sarah Richiuso explain, “not only does the tattoo emphasize the common gesture of ‘rolling up one’s sleeves’ before cooking, but it also helps the cook to remember the order in which the recipe is to be prepared.”

Perhaps the most innovative and playful way to share recipes, I Tradizionali was inspired by Cinciripini and Richiuso’s shared love of cooking, design, and tattoo culture. For the young designers, combining simple, delicious recipes with illustrations inspired by traditional tattoos was the perfect way to combine some of their passions.

The illustrations of I Tradizionali are adorable and provide easy-to-follow steps for preparing a recipe. The recipe tattoos are available with instructions in either Italian or English, and feature recipes for traditional dishes such as “Grandmother’s artichokes,” and “spaghetti with dry tomatoes and anchovies.” At just about the size of an iphone, the recipe tattoos are easy to apply, and will remain on your arm for 2-3 days unless washed off more vigorously with soap and water.

Though perhaps not the most practical way to follow a recipe for seasoned chefs, I Tradizionali’s recipe tattoos are meant to inspire playfulness and joy in the kitchen. Personally, I find the collection to be a whimsical and inventive way to get people excited about sharing recipes and cooking on their own.

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Images: via I Tradizionali