rumors suggest iPhone 6 price increase

Apple has not yet released a time when the new iPhone 6 will be hitting stores. Regardless of its launch date, though, there is no shortage of speculation about how expensive the new model will be. For the budget-conscious, estimates are not looking good; at least one report expects the price to rise at least $100 above the launch price of the 5S.

The Huffington Post reports on the expected size of the device, the materials that may go into its construction, and the new processor that may power the new smartphone. All those elements, it says, are drivers of cost, and since the updated model is expected to be a “complete overhaul” from the previous generation iPhone, those elements will likely push the price far higher than some may want it to go.

First, the report states that the new phone will come in two sizes. The 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models will be significantly larger than the current screen size of four inches. Some extra metal and glass normally would not push up the price too high, but some rumors suggest that Apple may consider using what is known as sapphire crystal glass. The Wall Street Journal points to that type of glass costing up to $16 per phone to make. That is compared with the $3 per phone that normal glass would demand.

The size of the new iPhone models will not only require more sapphire glass, they will also push Apple to create a bigger battery that can provide users with long device life — even though their screens will be sucking more power. On top of all that, Huffington Post says some reports indicate that the new smartphone will be thinner. Obviously this will require thinner components throughout the device, and that means that production values will increase as the difficulty and novelty of those components increases.

Finally, it is worth noting that Apple may push for a faster processor in its new flagship iPhone model. It will be an A8 model that is expected to push 2.0 GHz. Compare that to the current 5S with a lowly 1.3 GHz A7 processor. A lot more speed, but a lot more cost. This, of course, is only speculation, and there may not be final numbers for quite a while. Some news sources point to the 4.7-inch model with the lowest internal hard drive size conforming to the current $199 price. But that still leaves room for monetary growth with the bulkier, fancier models, and although nothing is yet set in stone, Apple will surely want to push the envelope when it finally unveils its newest creation. Sometimes, that comes at a cost.

Image courtesy of Liftarn via Wikimedia Commons