sad animal facts walrus

“I’ll never get a tan.”

Ready for some sad animal facts? Then to you should go.

It replaces the typical continual-Internet-filling meme of happy, cute, adorable, and otherwise wonderful puppies, kittens, baby kangaroos, and other small and wide-eyed creatures with a collection of cartoons that may, in the end, have some truth behind them.

Highlights of these cartoons include such gems as “The average goldcrest lives eight months” and “Salt Creek tiger beetles live underground until just before they die.” The little, sad realities of the animal kingdom that may have a purpose regarding evolution and the development of other species but still tug at the sentimental human’s heart strings.

Some other cartoons are a little more fact-based and might not bring tears to your eyes. A buck-toothed beaver is noted as needing to constantly chew because his teeth will never stop growing. Hippo’s also secrete a natural sunblock on their skin that protects them from UV rays.

The best part of this series, though, comes from the one-liner comments that each animal gives as a reaction to the fact on his card. The hippo says he’ll never get a tan; the beaver wants more snacks; the tiger beetle wonders what the Sun looks like; and the goldcrest says he’ll never have a birthday. That last one is a little sad.

Some of the information contained in the site may also give you, the reader, something to which you can aspire or desire. The roadrunner’s comic says his species cries to rid itself of excess salt. How about that course of action after a few too many fried goods? Zebras also reportedly can’t sleep alone. Be thankful, if you’re so lucky, that you have a bedtime partner.

All in all, the set of comics here presents a bit of amusement albeit at the expense of some animals facts. The world can be a strange place. Every animal here seems to take it in stride, though, and probably so can you when you realize your nose won’t ever stop growing or your hair will eventually turn gray. These are just some sad realities, but they’re nothing to shed too many tears about unless you just polished off that big bag of potato chips.

Image courtesy of the NOAA via Wikimedia Commons.