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Traveling is such a fulfilling thing to do, but planning your next adventure can be a very stressful experience. / Image: Daniel Foster via Flickr CC.

Traveling the world is an amazing – albeit expensive – activity to do. One of the things that holds so many people back from traveling is the sheer cost of it. Many of us are left wondering what the secret formula to scoring on the best flight deals and discounted hotel rooms is. How do you find the best deals and take the stress out of planning a trip?

Here are some ways to get you started!

  1. One of the best ways to save money while planning a trip is to get a last minute deal; this tactic is ideal for a traveler who prefers spontaneity. Sites like Expedia or Cheap Caribbean have entire sections dedicated to people who want a quick turnaround deal. Whether you need a hotel, flight or all-inclusive vacation, there are a TON of deals to get those last minute bookings in order to avoid unsold rooms or empty seats. If you can pickup and go on a whim, this could be the perfect option for you.
  2. Be flexible. It sounds simple, but being able to find the best deals while you travel means taking a deep breath and letting go to some extent. The ultimate way to save on your next vacation is to be flexible. This includes things like adjusting the timing of your trip to avoid traveling during “tourist” season or flying on a weekday morning instead of on a weekend. Be strategic and try to travel at a time when not everyone else is and it could save you hundreds of dollars.
  3. Consider other airports. If you are flying into a major city, there are usually secondary airports that can be cheaper than the main airport. Landing fees vary from airport to airport and can play a big role in the cost of a ticket. The bottom line is that airlines have a complicated system that determines ticket prices and your best bet is to check nearby airports while planning your trip. If you use sites like Travelocity or Skyscanner you can search for nearby airports. Just make sure you aren’t spending more on transportation once you land on the ground.

Hopefully these tips will help you save money and save you from stress when you plan your next trip!