Winter may be beautiful, but it is not kind to your skin! / Image: Thomas via Flickr CC.

If you’re anything like me, you know that winter weather is not always kind to your skin. One day your summer tan is still clinging on, and the next, your hands are cracking and your face is begging you to shield it from the chilly air with sunscreen and scarves. Here are some steps to ensure your skin is staying hydrated throughout the winter, regardless if you are in Chicago or Hawaii.

  • Exfoliate three times a week. This helps slough off the dead skin that is quickly building up on your face over winter and may also be causing breakouts. Find a good exfoliating face peel that works for your skin – I like milder products, or even DIY scrubs with ingredients like honey and coffee grounds.
  • Try to use a mask on your face once a week to purify your skin and make it appear a bit brighter. This should also help clear up any blemishes you may get throughout the winter chill. Before you throw on your daily moisturizer, opt for face serum or face oil. Although face oil can make your skin feel a bit too greasy at first, give it a few minutes and your skin will drink it up.
  • When you are getting ready to put on your daily moisturizer, add a small drop of foundation before you apply and mix it all up. This will help both the foundation and moisturizer go on smoother and in a more natural way. Even if you don’t wear any foundation or other makeup, it’s important to always wear a daily moisturizer that contains some level of sun protection. Although it isn’t hot in the wintertime, the sun’s bright rays can still damage your skin if you don’t protect it.

    use coconut oil on your skin this winter

    Coconut oil can be used for more than just cooking and baking! Try applying it to your body this winter to keep your skin hydrated!  Image: via Flickr CC.

  • In addition to your face, keeping your lips moist will help them from getting dry and cracking in the winter. Apply an intense lip balm, or a more all-in-one product like Vaseline, before bed to keep your lips wet overnight. Then, try to exfoliate them ones or twice a week with a lip polish (Like Fresh Sugar Lip Polish) paired with a lip balm afterwards.
  • Make bodily exfoliation part of your daily routine at least a couple times a week. Exfoliate in the shower with scrubs and body washes, and then layer on the coconut oil or a more intensive body lotion to keep the rest of your skin soft and hydrated.