fashion shoes

Let’s file these beauties under “The Statement Pair.” Image: via Instagram.

Fashion-conscious gals know that shoes are important; if you don’t have the right pair it can throw off your entire outfit. Just imagine trying to show up to an interview in with a beautiful suit and a dingy pair of flats that are falling apart. You need to build a collection that will carry you through the lifestyle challenges that come your way, but building it will take time. So in your 20s is when you should start gathering these essential types of shoes. Here are some staples to any shoe collection:

The Fancy Party Heels – You will have parties in your twenties that range from being in a friend’s basement to a sophisticated work party at an actual venue. Go with a heel with higher-end finishes that includes either a patent or color blocking.

The Flat Booties – You need a shoe that works for every day. Pick up a flat, but stylish bootie that you can wear to work or to brunch.

The Everyday Pumps – Every woman that walks the earth needs a good pair of everyday pumps to get you through work, drinks, and dinners, semi-dressy occasions that you just can’t get out of. Keep it classic with a standard silhouette and try to opt for black.

The Work Sneakers – Sneakers might not work with your office setting but higher-end trainers are a quick way to come across put together but still remain comfy in your off-duty life.

The Open-Toe Sandal – Summer and spring require a pretty heeled sandal to go with your party dress. If you need a little more height, add a chunky heel to your sandal.

The Commuter Flats – Most of us have had a rush moment at the office or trying to get somewhere you are already late to and have had to run in a pair of heels. Usually, that fiasco does not end well. Comfortable flats should still have personality, like a steel-toed pair or flat shoes with lots of color.

The Strappy Sandals – Flip-flops may have passed in high school, but they are better left at the beach. Strappy sandals give you a bit of polish to your weekend cutoffs and breezy sundresses.

Am I forgetting anything? What are your favorite styles of shoes?