Earlier this month, Squarespace debuted a series of incredible slow-motion TV ads as part of its “Build It Beautiful” campaign. Squarespace is an award-winning company that provides creative tools to help internet users create and manager their own websites. Led by a team that includes visionary founder Anthony Casalena, and board members Jonathan Klein of Getty Images and General Atlantic’s Anton Levy, Squarespace has been growing immensely since its 2004 launch, and is now considered one of the best companies to work at in the United States.

“Build It Beautiful” is an ad campaign that serves as a visual extension of the tools that Squarespace provides its customers. The ads ask, “Isn’t it beautiful when things just come together?” and encourages viewers to “Build a beautiful website with Squarespace.” The ads themselves, directed by 1stAveMachine’s Tim Brown, are incredibly executed and visually stunning. Each one uses slow motion filming effects to capture objects from real Squarespace customers’ businesses, including home goods retailer Yield, beauty product company Greater Goods, and Apothecary Café and Wine Bar.

Ad Age points out that Squarespace has previously advertised during the Super Bowl, but that these new TV spots are unlike its other ads. Writes Kate Maddox for Ad Age, “Compared to its two previous appearances in the Super Bowl, Squarespace took a dramatically approach to the creative in the new campaign. Rather than featuring people or talking about its website services, Squarespace and its agency used slow-motion filming to portray actual products featured on customers’ websites flying through the air in disarray and coming together at the end of the spots to create a finished website.”

Advertisement agency SpecialGuest was reportedly called upon to assist Squarespace with the making of the ads for the “Build It Beautiful” campaign. SpecialGuest creative director Aaron Duffy points to the “collaborative effort” utilized during the making of the ads as what has made them such a success. “That’s part of what makes Squarespace great, both as a creative partner and as a platform: ultimately Squarespace is about more than just building websites. It’s also about helping to support and empower its community.”

Check out the other two ads:

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