As if Starbucks’ Frappuccinos and mochas weren’t sweet enough, the coffee chain has introduced a new treat: espresso shots poured over ice cream. In Italy, this decadent treat is known as an “affogato” which translates to “drowned” in Italian. A cold scoop of ice cream (usually vanilla) is drowned in a hot shot of espresso. Yum.

Unfortunately, the new menu item won’t be available to the masses for a little while longer. As of now, Starbucks is testing out the confection at 10 exclusive Reserve bars located throughout Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington D.C. However, the company does plan to make it available at over 100 locations in the near future.

“Our Reserve coffees bring endless inspiration for us to continue to showcase each unique coffee in unexpected ways. What better way to continue to do that than with Affogato,” said Amy Dilger, a member of the Starbucks beverage development team.

The new item will be listed under the Roastery’s cold coffee menu. Starbucks is also adding two other items to the cold coffee menu: a Cold Brew Float and a Cold Brew Malted Shake. Delicious, sure, but cheap? Not so much.

According to Business Insider, the Classic Affogato goes for $6 at select Reserve bar locations. Meanwhile, the Cold Brew Malted Shake goes for $8.50.

But consumers needn’t worry, because Starbucks will be introducing a more affordable version at over 100 shops across the U.S. The treats will be nearly identical to those served at the Reserve bar locations; the only difference is that they won’t be made with small-lot brews.

As for the ice cream, Starbucks has partnered with Mora Iced Creamery, located just outside of Seattle. Mora Iced Creamery prides itself on producing old-fashioned ice cream made with fresh milk, eggs, and cane sugar. Co-owners Ana Orselli and Jerry Perez couldn’t be more excited about their latest business venture with Starbucks Coffee.