Is your local Target out of the product you are looking for? No problem. Is Target’s selection not offering the right color, size, or pattern? No problem. Target is now making it easier for customers to get the items they need, delivered right to their doors.

Target’s new “myCheckout” app allows store employees to make quick, online transactions for customers who can’t find the item they need (even if the item is backordered). Employees use a handheld device that can scan the barcode for the product, giving out information such as availability in other stores and online. Then they can place the order, swipe the customer’s credit card, and have the product delivered to the customer’s home. It’s an easy way for customers to get what they want without having to go to another retailer.

“We’re using cutting-edge technology to make it easier, faster, and more convenient for guests to shop Target stores,” said Mike McNamara, Target’s chief information and digital officer. “Technology is increasingly vital to make sure Target can deliver like nobody else—both in our stores and online. We’re excited to have these store upgrades ready for guests as we head into the busy holiday season.”

McNamara continued, “Guests already enjoy shopping here, but we can also ship direct to their home from our stores. The future of retail will neither be digital nor physical—it’ll be both.”

The “myCheckout” app began testing in stores throughout the country this past spring and has already performed more than 10,000 transactions. Target says customers are happy with the program and now the app will be in every Target location in time for the 2017 holiday season.

Along with the “myCheckout” app, Target will be doubling its Wi-Fi bandwidth in stores to ensure faster service during checkout, while upgrading price check machines, registers, and employee handheld devices.