Tacoma, WA—The house that was once home to one of America’s most notorious serial killers is now believed to be haunted. A contractor who was hired to remodel Ted Bundy’s childhood home says that he’s experienced multiple otherworldly phenomena in the house.

“I’m not one to believe a lot of this stuff, but this house made me a believer,” said Casey Clopton, who renovated the home.

But he’s not the only one who has experienced eerie happenings. Clopton told The News Tribune that he once brought his 11-year-old daughter on site to assist him with his work. He claims that as soon as he brought her there, she burst into tears.

“My daughter started crying,” Clopton stated. “She said she felt weird. She didn’t like it there.”

And she’s not the only one who sensed something was off about the home. A demolition crew member expressed similar sentiments, and even told Clopton that the house didn’t feel right.

But for the most part, Clopton brushed it off. And when strange occurrences started happening, Clopton again brushed it off as pranks by the crew.

But after a while, the strange occurrences could no longer withstand any kind of logical explanation. That’s when Clopton knew that something paranormal was happening.

One time, his crew members were cleaning out the flooded basement when they noticed the words “help me” written on the glass. Another time, a large, heavy, inset dresser somehow detached itself from the wall and fell facedown on the floor while the workers were downstairs.

Clopton said that crew members also spotted the word “leave” written in the sawdust without any footprints nearby. He also claimed that electronics would mysteriously get unplugged and lose their charge immediately.

All of this, of course, would seem rather fitting considering the circumstances. Bundy, who has confessed to killing at least 30 women, was once quoted as saying, “I’m the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet.”