Infocomm is an annual convention for the professional audio-visual industry and features the latest technology.

Infocomm is an annual convention for the professional audio-visual industry and features the latest technology. Photo: IcorInternational | FlickrCC.

The Professional Audio-Visual market is highly competitive and undergoing a surge in growth as technology continues to develop. The digital sky is filled with competing cloud storage companies. Businesses expand, localize, and operate on a global 24-hour clock. The financial industry is aware of these developments, and its leaders are taking notice of this growth. For example, General Atlantic’s Managing Director Anton Levy sits on the Board of Directors of SnapAv, one of the leaders in the Pro Audio-Visual industry.

In any professional technical industry there are a limited number of manufacturers. Vendors use a variety of sales strategies to structure their company’s practices. The generalist approach means that the company will stock their shelves with as many of the major brands, models, and types of hardware and software they can afford to offer to attract the widest range of customers from the professional market.

They’re attracting companies such as large-scale real estate developers who are integrating advanced home electronics systems into their new constructions. They’re purchasing home security systems, smart house features, and digital entertainment and sound systems. They’re also connecting with media, entertainment, broadcast, and hospitality and convention industry businesses that need the latest sound and recording systems to get new business.

Another strategy in this industry is to focus on a specific area such as entertainment, which includes broadcast media, live performances, and conferences. There is a steady requirement from this industry since customers from this niche are competing to provide the best-quality audio-visual experience to their customers. These hotels, conference centers, concert halls, cruise lines, casinos, and sound studios are more attractive to their customers if they can provide the latest technology.

As the Pro Audio-Visual industry continues to advance, manufacturers in a particular channel—like conferences and trade shows—develop a greater vertical depth and produce a wide range of products in that area. Some Pro Audio-Visual dealers like SnapAV are able to establish exclusive sales deals with these manufacturers. Their goal is to become the single distribution channel for one very popular product.

The Pro Audio-Visual dealer can quickly fulfill their customers’ orders and manage the advertising, sales, and fulfillment of the manufacturer’s products. Their exclusive relationship makes profits for the seller and a guaranteed customer stream for the manufacturer, who can better focus on continued development rather than marketing and advertising their products.

The Pro Audio-Visual industry is a powerful growth industry. Amplifiers, wired and wireless microphones, speakers, intercoms, and now even drones for commercial and broadcast use are keeping the market fluid and friendly toward growth and investment.