Instagram is an excellent social platform for storytelling through images. Image: via Instagram.

Many of the celebrities, bloggers, fashionistas and models on Instagram have acquired some serious photo skills to get people talking about their ‘grams, but what about the rest of us? We normal people sometimes end up taking photos with awkward angles, off colors and bad focus. Some of just aren’t as good at social media (or lack professional photo equipment). However, there are several relatively simple ways for you to up your Instagram game.

Utilize your phone camera’s panoramic features for a runway multiple shot. Try using your panoramic function when taking pictures of a fashion show or other forms of linear movement. If you remain still while your camera is taking a panoramic shot, it will catch time snaps from a runway walk.

Try to capture organized chaos. If you are taking the beloved from-above still live, everything needs to be in perfect place. To get that photo perfect, start editing while you take it. Tap your finger over the darkest-hued place on the screen and move your finger up or down to get the exposure exactly how you want it.

If you want an action shot, you want to make sure you are getting as many photos as possible. If you hold down the shutter, a series of photos will quickly be taken in succession and then your iPhone will go through them and recommend the crispest shot.

If you want to capture the details of something, try to take a photograph it in motion rather than flat. Take a quick couple second shot and then set it to slow-mo to capture that flow in motion.

If you want to get that selfie in the mirror (and really, who does;t?), lowering the phone can really change the outcome. If you use the volume button, it gives you more flexibility on how you are positioned when taking the photo.

What other tips do you have to help showcase better photos on Instagram?