A man stretches while using his phone at work.

Image: Shutterstock

Working out always takes so much longer than I think it will. There’s the getting ready, the getting to the gym, the actual workout which may or may not take a long time, depending on my significant laziness. Then there’s the getting home and getting washed up and the feeling of wanting to go to sleep. So it’s hard to make time for all that when you already work all day and have other duties to deal with. But to get some exercise into your day, it doesn’t take a lot—you just need to learn to identify opportunities when they present themselves.

Work some movement into your commute

This might not work for you if you drive to work, but if you take the bus to work, consider getting off a few stops early and walking the rest of the way. And if your building has stairs, take them instead of the elevator. If you can find a way to work exercise into your daily commute, that one thing you can’t ever avoid even if you’d like to, then you are on your way to living healthier days.

Take walks

It always helps to get out of the office once in a while, and a little exercise can be just the thing to wake you up after a few hours of sitting in front of spreadsheets. Take a walk to a local park or outdoor area for lunch. The walk will perk you up, and the time to yourself outside will help you feel energized to tackle the rest of the day. But if you just don’t have the time to take walks or eat your lunch in a park, try these desk exercises.

Identify small opportunities

This might get you a few funny looks around the office, but it might catch on with your coworkers and then everyone will start doing it! There are lots of places that actually double as great opportunities to get a little bit of exercise, even when you’re busy. Try doing some swivels in your desk chair, or try this glute exercise when you’re standing in the kitchen. Try some squats in that same chair (who knew it was so versatile?) or do pushups on the copier machine when you’re waiting for your papers!

Did you try any of these exercises? What in-office workouts do you try to do every day? Let us know below!