things that happen to your body at 30

Did you know that your hands may start to change after you turn 30? Image: Yulya Balaeva via Flickr CC.

From what we hear, all things about being in your 30s are fantastic. You’ve likely discovered who you are, you are becoming the boss in your career and are kicking ass in just about every aspect of your life. As wonderful as all these things are, there are some things that begin happening to your body in your 30s. Getting older is a good thing, and an even better thing if you know what to expect.

You are going to get more wrinkles. As you get older, your body begins to produce less collagen. In your 30s, if you want to prevent more wrinkles down the road you will need to get really good about prevention. Even if you slacked off and partied too hard during your 20s, it isn’t too late to protect your future skin.

Your hair can start going gray. In addition to your hair starting to turn gray, there may also be a shift in its texture. Your hormone levels begin to fluctuate in your 30s, which can affect this. Your hair will also seem worse after you have a baby but this is just perception as your body is shifting back from the surge of estrogen it produced during pregnancy.

Your brows may not grow back the same. In your 20s it can be easy to take bold, busy brows for granted but one day they won’t be as full as they used to be. If you over-pluck those hairs, you brows won’t grow back as fully in your 30s.

Your hands may start to change. Your hands can give away your age if you don’t take care of them. Wear sunscreen on your hands, especially while driving or going on a run. Some women will also start to see tiny red dots on their bodies. They are called “cherry angiomas,” which are clusters of capillaries that create small papules. They are completely harmless, but can be a nuisance, and a good thing to watch out for as you grow older.