Perfect skin is like the Holy Grail for women. We all mix our potions, call our dermatologists, and read up on tips and tricks. But no matter what we do, we are never fully satisfied. There are always women out there with complexions that are just out of our reach. So, after doing some scouring on the Internet, I’ve found some really great tips. Keep in mind that like anything that’s really worth it, good skin takes a ton of dedication. With a little bit of work (and patience), you could get one step closer to that perfect complexion.

Get Quality Sleep. It’s more than just getting eight hours a day. It’s about ensuring your sleep is good quality. Don’t leave your phone on vibrate next to your bed. Put your phone somewhere you can’t reach and make sure there it is on silent with no vibrating so your sleep goes uninterrupted.

Exercise is good for your skin. This doesn’t mean you have to run a 5k every weekend. Just a little movement each day is good for your skin even if it’s just a little bit of stretching in the morning.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Try to drink a lot of water throughout the day to hydrate you from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water is essential to good skin, and you should shoot for least a half-gallon a day. You should also spray rosewater on your skin for added external hydration. health_beauty_mask

Stick to a ritual. Whatever this entails for you, make sure you are sticking to it. Once you find the magic mix of steps that work for you, mixing it up can throw that synergy off. Be consistent with your skincare regimen for the best results.

Use facial masks. If you’ve never tried them before, trust me, they really do work. Be sure to make using facial masks a habit. Find a couple with ingredients that work for you and keep them in rotation.