sleep-work-dat living up to your potential

Cleaning yourself up, not being complacent, and taking a step away from social media are three things that can help you live up to your full potential.

Although it may seem small at the time, all the little things you do each day can have profound consequences on your overall state of being, and your potential. If you make unhealthy habits routine, you may even forget to recognize that they are bad. Try to refrain from the small three things below for an overall better being, you are bound to feel the results.

  • Excessive Social Media. Most of us will roll over in the morning and the first thing we do is unlock our phone. You see an old college friend you hung out with five times is now engaged and soon, you are knee-deep in photos of the new hubby, who you don’t even know. Instead of falling into your social media habit, silence your alarm and pull yourself out of the sheets. If you stretch every morning, you will reduce muscle tension and increase your energy. Also, if you eat protein within 30 minutes of waking, you accelerate your metabolism and speed up the weight loss process.
  • Being Complacent. How many times a month can you head to your same sushi place and order the exact same meal? Rather than sticking to your same weekly routine (believe me, it adds up) go out into the world and do things you’ve never done. Like maybe spin class or floral design class. Doing so will help you discover new interests and passions and also shape your perspective on life. You never know if you are living up your potential without stepping outside of the box from time to time.
  • Looking sloppy throughout the day. Instead of doing your hair on a Monday, you toss it up into a sloppy, frizzy bun. Rather than ironing that shirt, you throw it on anyways and hope no one will notice the wrinkles. Looking like a bum sets you up for failure. If you dress for success, no setback can make you thrown off. You will feel ready to tackle the day, and you will be living up to your fullest professional potential.