Police are investigating fans that were caught leaping out of their wheelchairs, looking to charge them with ticket fraud. CCTV footage captured fans getting out of their wheelchairs, but not before getting tickets to the disabled only sections of the stadium.


Twitter users were uploading photos of wheelchair bound attendees jumping for their chairs.

Social media was also used, as those who saw the alleged frauds snapped pictures and took to Twitter to express their outrage. Amid the popularity for tickets, it can be believed that those who were desperate enough would acquire passes intended for disabled fans if it meant they could attend.

Police are not looking into whether those fans with wheelchairs in the disabled section did indeed require the assistance and have a legitimate reason to be in that area.

As well, young adults are also sitting in seats reserved for pensioners. Many have reportedly been caught attempting to sell tickets intended for disabled people outside of the stadiums in Brazil. These tickets are only sold on the black market and have been found for key disabled access sections.

The penalty for such fraud in Brazil is a maximum sentence of four years in prison. The tickets also are going on sale for as much as £1,000—ten times their original price.

Image via Twitter @LeBuzzEurosport