A photo of a doctor showing a patient how to navigate information on an iPad.

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The field of oncology contains intensive research, experimental treatments, and exciting clinical trials, so it’s no shock that oncologists were among the first practitioners to adopt mobile technologies and recognize the benefits of integrating these tools and websites into practice. To help patients battle cancer and maintain a positive and hopeful attitude, the technology field has been working hard to help make diagnosing and treating cancer easier for patients, oncologists, and researchers.

These latest websites and applications can keep tech savvy patients and doctors on top of the latest information, research, symptoms, and treatment procedures.

In an effort to reduce the burden of cancers in families experiencing a hereditary cancer syndrome, entrepreneur Thom Weisel and co-director of the Colorectal Cancer Prevention Program at USC Medical Center Dr. Jonathan Terdiman launched KinTalk in 2013.

KinTalk provides a user-friendly, innovative, online communication tool for people with hereditary cancer syndromes. The online forum enables people to ask questions and share critical genetic risk information with at-risk individuals in a safe and secure environment. The KinTalk team consists of genetic counselors, oncologists, nurses, and surgeons who specialize in hereditary cancer syndromes.

Calculate by QxMD
Calculate by QxMD is one of many medical calculator apps available. Unlike its competitors, however, it provides a comprehensive source of calculations and formulas by medical specialty. Areas of focus include internal medicine, cardiology, general practice, emergency medicine, oncology, orthopedics, neurology, general surgery, and more.

The app was developed by a collaboration of clinician experts from various backgrounds. It focuses on highlighting tools that support clinical practice, as well as impacting treatment, diagnosis, or determining prognosis. The app is available on iPhone, iPad, Wndows 10, iPad, and online.

Cancer Therapy Advisor
Cancer Therapy Advisor is a popular app used by thousands of oncology professionals. It provides a comprehensive drug database, popular cancer treatment regimens as well as access to oncology news, patient information fact sheets, trending cancer articles, medical calculators, and slideshows. Its mission is to offer practice-focused drug and clinical information that reflects current and new principles of care that will help to inform oncology decisions.

You can register for Cancer Therapy Advisor directly on your device for iOS and Android.