summer vacationWhen did graduating college start meaning only living for the weekends? Why do we dread our Mondays and wait desperately for our two weeks of vacation a year? We long to travel and crave to build a life and business of our own but most of us never will. But shouldn’t our “real world” be living and getting out and see and doing rather than sitting at a desk? Below are some ways to actually take the plunge and make it happen.

You can afford to keep traveling. The primary excuse people give for not being able to travel is not having enough money. By working online you don’t have to kill yourself slaving away at an office just to save for one trip. You can bring your income in while you travel.

You can work from anywhere that has WiFi. That includes beach bungalows complete with piña coladas on the beach. You just have to find a strong Internet connection and get working.

You no longer have to choose between work or travel. You don’t have to make that tough decision of focusing solely on your career or ditching the status quo to embark on an adventure around the world. Cure your wanderlust and ignite your inner entrepreneurial spirit.

You won’t be disconnected from your friends and family. Nowadays we have many ways like Skype and WhatsApp that make is so easy to communicate around the globe. This can also help you internationalize your clientele.

You can find awesome co-working spaces around the world. Now that people are starting to travel and work more often, you can find rad co-working spaces everywhere. You now also have the freedom to change your environment which can increase your productivity.

Featured Image: Rafa Bahiense via Flickr CC.