A photo of different kinds of money from around the world.

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Before Trump had even won the presidency, markets around the world fell. The tumble isn’t a complete crisis, but it is a bad sign for the coming 4+ years. It goes to show that around the world, foreigners have been taking this election a lot more seriously than Americans.

While many of us were joking about Trump and saying that he could never win, the rest of the world watched as the most powerful country on the planet elected a failed businessmen with no political experience. It was an embarrassment, and because of it, we’ve become the laughing stock of the global economy.

Americans can expect the fallout of this election to hit their wallets soon. Among his many policies, Trump has come out against NAFTA and TPP and has suggested taxing imports, which is going to make all those cheap Chinese products more expensive. Consumers aren’t going to like that.

He and the Republican-controlled legislation are probably going to do everything they can to continue destroying the working class. And let’s not forget that Trump has to be in court for fraud and for rape before he even takes office.

The fact of the matter is, Trump rode into office by convincing a lot of people that things have been terrible under President Obama. He was elected under the false pretense that Obama sent our jobs overseas and is responsible for high unemployment rates.

But in the harsh light of day, it’s time to admit that no, things haven’t been bad under the Obama administration. In fact, the economy has been growing steadily. Remember: it was Republicans who got us into massive debt to begin with. Conservatives are worse for the economy, and now we get to look forward to a Republican-controlled government that has no idea what it’s doing.