how to cultivate a well-traveled home

Some people are so effortlessly great at making their home reflect a well-traveled life.

There are many friends whose homes you will step into and they are perfectly curated and reflective of world travels. That random throw rug from Morocco, the perfect jewelry from Turkey, and all of it perfectly mixed together with the rest of the space and design reflects a well-traveled life. Though it may come across like you need to travel as your full-time job to achieve this look, this is not the case. Below are some tips that will help you create a space you love and one that also reflects all your travel experiences.

Consider embracing a collection of your own. If there are certain artifacts that you love collecting but you struggle with what to bring home, you should consider cultivating a collection. Don’t try to bring home something that doesn’t fit your style. Determine the one item you want to keep as a memento from every city or location you travel to and just commit to that one item. It doesn’t have to be something expensive or difficult to find; even little things like matchboxes, tea towels or figurines can make for a fun collection or story. Think past the typical touristy items like magnets or shot glasses and pick out something you actually like.

Go to the local markets. Markets are where you can really get to know a city and its culture and learn about the vibe of the city. Not only that but it is often the best place to find a great souvenir for your home. Keep an open mind and try to ask locals for assistance and finding your new piece to bring home. Take home local gems than another tourist item.

Look to food because often when we are traveling to new places, we find ourselves spending a majority of our team meeting. One of best ways to bring travel memories home is to bring a few pieces of meals you can bring to your own kitchen. Visit a local grocery store or food market and try to find some of your favorite elements of a dish you’ve tried on your trip.

What do you think of homes that reflect a well-traveled person? Do you appreciate this design aesthetic?

Featured Image: Image: Jonnie Andersen via Flickr CC.