Say hello to your new best friend: clip-in hair extensions. While there are many options that are still quite expensive, there are many extensions you can get for under $300 that will look natural and transform your look. Having extensions provides extra support and reassurance that harsh climates like humidity and wind will not affect your good hair day. Here are some tips on how to wear them:

Use real hair extensions, because they look more natural. When picking a color for extensions, they do not have to match perfectly because they will blend. I suggest going with a touch darker than your natural hair color to match the bottom layers of your hair. Always try and take a friend shopping with you so that you have a second opinion. hair-extensions

Once you have your extensions, curl your own hair using a curling iron to make loose waves. Don’t worry about the perfect curls, just add some volume. Then, brush out your extensions and curl them. Snap it on your head to hold it while you curl, you can readjust the location later. Once you have each extension panel curled, lay them on a flat surface. This will force the curl to set and cool in place, spray with hairspray on the extensions if you are worried about them getting loose.

Now, apply the first extension layer with the three clip panel. Make a horizontal panel across the back of your head from mid ear to the opposite ear and then clip the extensions in. Next, apply the second extension layer with the four clip panel. Let your hair down and then make another horizontal part. Follow the same pattern as the previous step. Then arrange and clip in the remaining smaller extensions. Put one in the back and a few on the side.

Once all the extensions are clipped in, brush out the ends of your hair to blend the extensions with your real hair.