When you’re planning your wedding, don’t worry so much about the “rules” you should follow, so much as making it a special day you’ll always remember. Image: Katsu Nojiri via Flickr CC.

There have been dos and don’ts lists for weddings for decades, and nowadays these kinds of lists can be found all over the internet and even covering your Pinterest page too. The rules seem to be ever-changing, but there are a few more antiquated rules that you definitely don’t need to worry about. Here are some traditional wedding “rules” that are pretty outdated and not worth fretting over:

You cannot see your bride/groom before walking down the aisle. If you are a very traditional person, you aren’t going to want to see your sweetheart before the ceremony. But, who says you can’t enjoy the cocktail hour with your guests before the wedding? “First look” pictures are becoming ever more popular as more people want to attend their entire wedding and not just after the ceremony. This first look involves the photographer capturing pictures as the couple first sees each other before the ceremony.

You must toss your bouquet and garter. You do not have to do either of these things. Many people decide to simply hand it off to the couple in the room that has been married the longest. Fewer women are now comfortable with people seeing their partner lift of their skirt to grab the garter; again you do not need to do this.

Your wedding has to be on a weekend. This is slowly becoming less and less true. While your guests may not be fans of this, a Saturday wedding is no longer the rule. Just understand getting that sold out venue for a Tuesday may impact your guest list.

You have to invite children to your wedding. Do not worry about hurting feelings here because no matter what, your wedding will offend someone. Weddings are adult affairs and between all the wedding affairs and drinking, weddings just aren’t a fun place for your kids to be. Do not feel guilty when you write “adults only” on your invites. Your guests will have time to find a babysitter so long as you give enough notice.