actively staying healthy is an act of self care

As we grow older, it becomes more and more important that we take good care of ourselves. 

Many of us women have heard that you will feel the most comfortable with yourself between the ages of 33-35. Careers and relationships tend to be stabilizing and more successful and there is more to look forward to. However, many of us will struggle to find that same level of contentment in our 20s and early 30s. Maintaining good physical and mental health and wellness is important at any age. Here are some ways to make this year one of the most satisfying yet, regardless of how old you are.

Keep a one-sentence journal. We’ve all heard at some point that we should keep a journal but most of us still don’t. When we are all ready for bed, you want to crash and pass out. However burdening journals may feel, doing a one sentence journal is much more manageable. A journal has the power to reveal moments of significance, good or bad, from days that may at first glance seem routine and forgettable to you. Writing your thoughts down, even just a couple of them, is a great way to take control of your health and wellness.

Focus on one area of your life at a time. A part of building your confidence is to set attainable goals. When things seem off it’s tempting to act or think that your whole life is an overhaul. Focus on one area at a time; it is healthier and easier to do so. Take a deep breath and ask yourself what is troubling you the most and put your energy towards that. Start at the root of your problem and watch the other areas fall into place in your overall wellness.

Take care of yourself. When we are unhappy, we usually sacrifice sleep, exercise, and healthy eating, and the lack of these things can make us feel even more unmotivated. Give yourself the care you need. Squeezing in that workout will make you more productive and benefits your wellness in the long run.

Give yourself a social media break. Whether it’s completely cutting yourself from all, or taking a breather from just one account, the space from these very hectic platforms can be incredibly freeing. The constant stimulation can leave you feeling exhausted and seeing all those around you succeeding can be demoralizing even if you’re simultaneously happy for them. Constantly comparing your life to others’ will diminish the success of your own goals and accomplishments.

Featured Image: Matt Madd via Flickr CC.