Decisions, decisions…What will you wear for your next job interview? Image: Brittney Bush Bollay via Flickr CC.

We all get that deer in a headlights feeling when it’s time to prep for a job interview – no matter how prepared we actually are. Sometimes the most stressful part can be figuring out what to wear. Companies now days are across the board on what their employees wear ranging from business casual wear to “fashion” casual wear and it can be hard to know how to dress for that company. Sometimes you don’t know the dress code until you show up but how can you navigate that tricky corporate grey area.

Business Casual – If you are interviewing for a more casual work environment, keep in mid that you should still be dressed in a professional conservative wardrobe. If you are working in an industry that is known for being casual definitely err on the side of dressing down but still try to look polished. After all, you want to look like you’ll fit into this workplace, not be someone who doesn’t fit with the company culture.

Fashion Forward Casual – Fashion forward is similar to casual but some companies are a bit more creative or trendy. Try to create a bit more pizzazz and help your personality shine through. Maybe had a bright red pump to your look but remember that conservative rule still applies here.

Business Professional – If you are interviewing for a more formal field like accounting, opt for a classic black or navy suit with a crisp button down. It’s a tried and true combination guaranteed to work for any job environment. Avoid colors or loud items that will draw attention so make sure your outfit doesn’t detract from your personality or professionalism. A professional, crisp suit is definitely something that all young professionals should invest in at some point.

What is your go-to look for an important job interview? Feel free to share in the comments section below!